You’ll learn how to create Angular modules from an HTML template

If you’re new in Angular, you may need to learn how to create a front-end website from scratch extracting the template from HTML files, Figma, Sketch or other tools.

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In this post, we’re going to get an HTML template from a blog I found on the internet. Note: the time I created this article, I was allowed to use its content.

Source: Angular 11 Bootstrap 4.5 Ecommerce Template Free.

Let’s get started with creating our Angular app

Create a new angular app using thenpx command:

npx @angular/cli new ng-commerce-app

For those who care about development planning

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When you start planning the process of developing a new project, it’s important to consider the settings that you need to set up your application, and when it’s time to deploy it, you run into a problem that can affect the entire process:

Every time you need to set up this work space again, perhaps to add someone to your development team, some of your configuration steps can be missed, you need to upload raw environment files to the server or run deployment scripts which can be forgotten by their sequence, because it’s written only in the README file.


Informações para viajar sem medo e sem estresse

Foto: ShutterStock — Laguna del Caminante en Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia — Argentina

Um maravilhoso país com mix cultural de índios, espanhóis e italianos

Talvez você não saiba das vantagens de viajar a um país latino, além do clima e cultura compartilhados. Mas há uma diferença tremenda de custo vs. benefício. O valor total da viagem pode chegar a 3 vezes menos, em relação a uma viagem nacional.

Expo allows you to work using an SDK with access to native functionalities easily saving your time whether you desire to create an app in few steps.

The last versions of React Native already come with expo introduced.

What’s the easiest way to remotely share a mobile app that’s still under development without Expo?

This article covers a way to develop without expo for people who decided to keep the project according to their own development strategy.

If you want to share your project in real time, please search about Codeanywhere IDE.

You can also share pieces or the entire…

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